Amish cooking has become ingrained into traditional American cooking. Chances are, growing up your grandmother or your mother prepared a dish or two that was based on a traditional Amish recipe and you didn't even know it. You just knew that you found it delicious. In my case it was the "Shoo Fly Pie" that my grandmother made when I was a young child. It was awesome! Later in life, I tried to find Shoo Fly Pie, and found that no one knew what I was talking about.
I asked my mother if she had the recipe and as luck would have it, my grandmother never wrote down any of her recipes. She had them all stored in her head. So from there the hunt was on. I finally traced the roots of my favorite dessert to the Amish, and that is where this book was born. I found that many of the great breads, cookies and dishes that my grandmother used to make, were actually Amish recipes! I thought everyone should try these great recipes, so I have put together a collection of 65 of my favorite Amish recipes in an easy to use eBook that anyone can afford. Here is what I have included:
Cakes, Bread, and Muffin, Corn Fritter Recipes
Desserts, Custards and other Desserts
Pies and Cobblers
Main Dish/Casserole Dishes
Soups and Chowders
Salads and Vegetables
Waffles and Pancakes
I'm sure that you will enjoy these fantastic recipes for years to come. And just maybe you will find one of those old favorites that you have been looking for and save the hours of searching that I spent looking for "Shoo Fly Pie".
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